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Since returning from the 2009 trip the conversations around the Irish Studies program have continued. Moving to the new format and including more social medai tools in the site has sparked a great deal of interest in what we are doing, how it has grown our audience and brought more attention to the program.

This past summer the Irish Studies program was featured at two conferences, one sponsored by edSocialMedia at Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia and the other at the Whipple Hill Users Conference in Boston. At these conference we shared how we had changed the program to include the use of WordPress, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter, moving away from traditional static content and to a format that allows for greater interaction between the students and a much broader audience.

The attendees had many questions about process, privacy and the level of effort that went into the new format. They heard what was involved and the level of effort that was required prior to traveling and once we were in country and were extremely interested and impressed with the level and quality of the students work.

Most recently MKA’s Irish Studies program was featured in a video interview with Peter Baron on the edSocialMedia web site titled “MKA Irish Studies Goes Social” where we discussed the program, it’s history and our plans for the future.

It is nice to see that after 10 years of work and devotion to the program that the excitement and interest in what we are doing is still there and shared by others.

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