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A constant challenge when traveling abroad with students is communicating with family, friends and those following the trip.  Whether it is questions about what they are doing, where there are, or how it is going, timely communication is something that any trip leader or chaperone needs to address. While there is access to the Internet, it is generally limited to Internet Cafe’s in larger towns and cities and while many US cellphone carriers provide international plans the calls can be costly and depending on the number of students traveling downright cost prohibitive.

All of these issues and each of theses questions can now be answered even before they are asked while traveling through the use of Twitter.

In previous years we [The Irish Studies Program] were able to update the travel site with pictures, video and text from the areas of study inwhich we are working, but there has been very little in terms of the day to day updates or any type of alerts when new content was posted.

Using Twitter and an iPhone we will be able to communicate with our followers much more frequently.  Since a Twitter post is very much like a text message and requires very little bandwidth to send we will be able to use it to give short, frequent updates as we are traveling.

With more frequent updates followers will be able to experience the trip like never before. When traveling with students abroad there is always a concern with safety and a clear understanding of what is happening, particularly when you are away for an extended period of time. Subscribers to our “Tweets” will gain a greater insight to what is happening on the trip.

Followers can either log into the annual site to see our latests tweets in the right hand column, by visiting our Twitter web site at htttp://www.twitter.com/irishstudies or by following us using there own Twitter application (TweetDeck, Twhirl, Twitterific, etc).

If you have question about exactly what Twitter is and how it works, check out the blog post here for more information: http://www.edsocialmedia.com/2008/12/what-is-a-twitter-anyway/

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