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After 10 years of taking students to Ireland and telling our stories through standard, static web sites, The Irish Studies Program is changing things up by embracing the tools of social media. We will be changing the way we publish our stories and share our text, images and video.

After attending the edSocialMedia bootcamp in February of 2009 and hearing what is possible to do with blogs, microblogs, Flickr and YouTube — and seeing what people are doing at places like Worcester Academy, we have changed our publishing format to include these new tools.

We will be using a WordPress blog, running on our own Apple Xserve, to publish our stories of the trip and chronicle the Irish Famine and Irish history. Using Twitter,  we will be posting more daily updates to the site in an effort to keep people even more informed of our progress. We will take advantage of YouTube and Flickr and it’s integration into the Apple iLife ’09 suite to publish our videos and images. In the past we have been limited in our updates by the availability of internet access (normally internet cafes), but this year we will be using an iPhone and the apps from Twitter and WordPress to post content wherever and whenever want to along our journey through Ireland.

With each of these tools we will be able to reach a larger audience, which until this point has been primarly an MKA audience. Our goal is to take all that we do while traveling —  the stories, the videos and the pictures — and open it all up to the world, to invite people to comment and participate in our journey, and share in and contribute to our learning.

We will be posting content about the trip in each years site and posting content about how program and the use of this type of technology and these social media tools in this area.

You can see all of the previous years sites in the links provided and we invite everyone to follow along and participate.

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  1. gbranigan says:

    Exciting new stuff for the Irish Studies program. All good te hear .. and even more fun to use!

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